[Ruby] introduce delays in srt

I use Ubuntu. The most annoying part when using srt’s subtitles from opensubtitles.org is synchronization. Using gnome-subtitles editor failed even to load the srt files. There was subtitleeditor which loaded srt and allowed to edit timing but on saving the file, the format got changed and totem was not able to detect/load the subtitle.

Then just wrote a simple ruby script which can introduce delays. This can use only srt files. More over my first ruby application too.


override the string class and add function to convert string (time – that is read from srt file) to millisecs, perform the action (add/reduce delay) and override FixNum to convert the computed millisec to time ( string) which can be written in the srt file (in the same format as read).

that’s it done!!


One thought on “[Ruby] introduce delays in srt

  1. Hi,

    The actual problem is with the Ubuntu package of Gnome Subtitles, not the application itself. Install the “libmono-i18n2.0-cil” package and all should be fine.

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