Motorola em325 – my experiences/feedback

I have used Nokia/Samsung/Sony Ericsson and recently I have switched to Motorola EM325. Finally I made up the decision to post my bad experiences with this mobile/model. My intension is not to promote some ABC mobile/model, I’m just sharing my points that I had noted these days with my mobile/model.

  • Contacts, you don’t have the distribution lists as in Nokia. Just to send Good Morning/Night wishes to my friends I had to select a-z contacts every day. There is an attribute called “Category” which is useful only to search the contacts. At least I could have had an option to send sms to a category.
  • Could not add more than one number for the same contact. Say I have a friend X, who has a land line number xxx and a mobile number yyy. It is still two contacts with same name and (same or different, in this case different) number type (Mobile, Home, Office etc..)
  • Contact quick search is limited to 4 characters.
  • The GPRS is always on. (The icon saying GPRS next to network strength). Am still searching for a way to turn it off.
  • The most annoying thing that I have faced is when sending a message, if there is an incoming call, Bang!! we can neither answer nor ignore it. I have to use the sliders to ignore it or wait till the caller cuts. I still doubt in case that message being sent was intended to many contacts, does it deliver to all?? I doubt it.
  • When the message sending fails, it reports by the number being used, if it is more than one it lists (hope) the numbers, Does it mean that I have to remember everyone’s number and go ahead with further processing (resending to those recipients). why can’t it just say by contact rather than using the number.
  • The second most annoying problem that I had experienced is with the music library. When I had the 2GB Memory card. It took very very long time to just open up the music library.(Now with 1GB memory card it takes almost a minute to load the music library).
  • If you do not close music library/player smoothly (if you close by pressing the red button when playing the music or some other means – perhaps I find no other way to close the music player), the next time you load the music library, there will be no listing (The library will show up nothing). I had to do a refresh in the music library to get the songs updated/shown.
  • The Playlists!! I have tried creating playlists and it never worked. I did create playlist by adding some songs and gave it a name and I was notified that the playlist was created, but it was there only until the player remained open. When I closed and opened the player next time, the playlists were lost!!
  • In games, when I got the mobile, there was car game but I lost it somehow when I added the Memory stick and installed games through it.
  • I was expecting a dialer tone. A tone/song for a contact. Its not available. You can set a tone for all and that’s all. This feature was there even in Nokia 1100.
  • We cannot see the tower details. i.e the tower location. Only the network provider information is shown. i.e Aircel.
  • about a few months (5-6) months after purchasing, I am now facing problems with the FM and the battery.FM doesn’t work at all, which I doubt might be coz its not shock resistant. I think I dropped by mobile down sometimes. It could be the problem, but the battery, Its worse now. It lasts just for 10-12 hours with no calls/sms/fm/music, earlier it used to last till 2 days. Every night during my travel, I start with full battery by the time I wake up mobile would run out of battery.

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