mobile services – do they care about us???

Motorola / Redington Services
Problem description :
– battery drains so often
– headset doesn’t work – problem with the socket – gets disconnected often (loose connection).
– FM isn’t audible

Logged on 22/Oct @ Redington, Alwarpet ( with warranty )

I was told to get back after a few days to know the status.

As I called after 3-4 days, it was told that some problem with RF board and was sent to bangalore office. I was told that it might take 2 weeks.

Again I called up after 2 weeks, no update. I was told will take another two weeks. I was waiting almost a month but with no idea of whats going on to my mobile. Then I logged a complaint with Motorola (24th Nov). Motorola claimed that it will take atmost 20 days even in the worst case when they might have to import the goods from singapore and I was informed that by 27th Nov I’ll get the status (from Motorola). No response from both Redington as well as Motorola. I tried to reach Motorola over toll free number for two days and to the worst the calls were unanswered.

After a week, dialed Redginton to get the status, suprise!! seems the mobile was ready and I was asked to get it back. It is not an easy process to get the mobile back. After getting the mobile, just turned it on. Bull shit!! Display was gone.. It was working fine. These guys replaced RF board and didn’t re-connect it to my display. They refused to take it back and was asked to re-login (file a new complaint). Then I forced and talked to some person over there and they accepted to take it for observation again(1st dec) – again now its back to them and was told to wait one day to know the status.

The next day I just walked in to get the mobile. Sir, Wait! Sir, Wait! The delivery boy went inside the lab and didn’t turn back. He came back after an hour with a mobile, I was eager to get it, unfortunately its not mine someone else was waiting for hours to get that. When I enquired and told him that I m there and was waiting for almost an hour. The boy said, engineer is looking at the issue now only and will take time wait and get it. Again an hour. Got the mobile, was trying to check it. As usual, they returned mobile back with battery dried out. On returning home and charging the mobile, found that FM – sound good, display – looks good, except that I had the feel that board is not placed in the correct position and the slider doesn’t open and close properly but its ok, some how they gave back my mobile. On dialing found that I’m not able hear the sound that the person on the other side speaks. Arg!!! these guys again missed out something else.. Went back to the center (Dec 5th) next day and reported the problem. Nothing much, wait for hours, engineer will look at the issue (this is just told.. you know nothing on who is there and what he is doing..). After sometime the boy told the spares might not be available and it might take time, he might have to take it from somewhere else and connect it.. Ah god.. Its my new mobile ( with warranty ). I had been to that service center for more than 4-5 days and it was not even a single face that left with a smile.

(1) Motorola being a giant in the mobiles, I didn’t expect that they care nothing about the consumers and the support. Do they have some process for customer servicing? Why do they even have to tie with such a servicing center that just shucks!! Do they really care about the defects and complaints ??

I recently had serviced my Honda Activa in a local service center (@ Erode), even those guys had a standard process. It took just one day for them to service my vehicle I gave it in the morning, was told to get back by evening and I got the scooter back in the evening ( of course had to wait some time ) and after a few days, I got a call from the service center to check how the scooter works after servicine and when I told there some minor problem, I was told to get in there and they will look at it.

But this mobile service center and the M*T* mobile isn’t worth of it and I’ll never again go for it.


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