carte blanche ’11

Its 7 years since cs-mit started the carte blanche event in ’05. Of all the events I like the Free/Open Source demos in our hangar. Every year its a new learning for me at the demos and this year almost in every stall our juniors had something new.

  • Kreceipes

    A KDE/mysql based recipe manager, the following are the highlights

    • can show the cholesterol, sugar etc. based on the ingredients.
    • can show recipes based on the items we have
    • can prepare shopping list for the recipes

    I hope this would be useful for bachelors :). My wish list for this is a global database of recipes so that we can pull and push recipes, rate them, mark as favo/like.

    GNOME alternative:

  • Basket note pads

    Another KDE based applciation for note taking. More than a simple text editor or a word processor, we can add any image, to do list, links, app launchers (ie. short cut to files) so on.

    GNOME alternative:

  • sweet home 3d

    Are you planning for building your own home? Try sweet home 3d using which can design/model it, including furniture, flooring so on. I have been looking for this.

  • Amaya

    w3c’s web development tool. Easy, user friendly and good for HTML beginners. I have just learned, how to show mathematical formulae on web pages. For more info, check this page.

  • Keryx

    Python based offline package management tool for debian based systems. When could this be useful, here is a scenario, I have desktop in my home (erode) which has basic GNU/Linux installation that comes with ubuntu. We have dial-up (limited download) connection, can be used to download a few packages but not the all we need. Using keryx, I can search and download the packages I need. Keryx allows us to download packages along with their (uninstalled)dependencies. A good demo by Kanchi LUG.

    A good work juniors :). Hope to see you on next carte blanche.